Overview of jigs – classification structure and effects of jigs

What is jigs?

Jigs are indispensable equipment in the process of precision mechanical processing. The Jigs helps to fix the product for assembly, inspection, welding, … products. In addition, it helps to determine the position of the workpiece relative to the cutting tools to keep it tight and ensure accuracy when machining. When processing and assembling many parts together, high precision is required, using jigs to increase accuracy when machining.

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Uses of jigs:

  • Fix the details, help not to move the product, ensure the positions between the workpieces together.
  • Locate, check position, size,…
  • Create movements for machining complex surfaces.
  • Reduce production time, improve product quality.
  • Reduce labor costs in the production process.
  • Bringing high-precision products, processing large quantities.

Structure of Jigs:

  1. Product clamping device.
  2. Positioning part.
  3. Power transmission structure.
  4. Rotation and grading mechanism.
  5. Instruction structure.
  6. Body and base.
  7. Tight clamping mechanism.
  8. Positioning structure.
  9. In addition, depending on the design requirements of the customer to create different types of jigs.

Common types of IDEA Group jigs

Welding jigs

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Welding products under the car.

Welding Jigs is a technology for mechanical processing, assembly and product inspection. Helps determine the position of the workpiece relative to the welding tool, the function of holding the product in the position to be processed, ensuring accuracy and safety. IDEA Group has produced undercarriage welders for a major car brand in Japan.

With high accuracy, welding jigs help determine the position between workpieces and different welding and cutting tools. Fix the position to avoid the surrounding external forces affecting the production process.

Assembly jigs

Assembly jigs

Assembly jigs are used in assembling parts together to link product assemblies. Help products achieve high accuracy and ensure technical requirements. Commonly used jigs are assembled in:

Clamping product details for assembly, mounting parts to be assembled, deforming parts for welding, pressing, air compression during production.

Test Jigs

Test Jigs

Inspection jigs are used to check product details at the beginning and end of the production process. Fix the product and check the size, thickness,… to ensure that the products are manufactured according to the specifications.

Compression jigs

Compression jigs

The compression Jigs needs to fix the product before welding and assembling the parts together. The jigs are simple to use, easy to disassemble, and bring high efficiency in the production process.

In addition, there are many other jigs such as: soldering jigs, printed jigs, etc., depending on the requirements of the customer, we will advise on suitable products.

Milling jigs

All kinds of jigs used to perform detailed processing on milling machines are milling jigs. Milling jigs include locating parts, clamping parts, indicator parts (instructions), jig covers in addition to some typical details such as, alignment and gauge relative to the tool, directional pins.

Milling jigs

Because the cutting process creates a large force, the structure of the milling jig must also be large enough.

Types of milling jigs: Single-part milling jigs or multi-part milling jigs, straight feeds or circular feeds or infeeds following a curvilinear pattern.

What to pay attention to when choosing jigs?

When choosing jigs, you need to pay attention to the position, the ability to clamp firmly, the accuracy of the jigs, … In addition, when designing and choosing jigs, you need to pay attention to these factors. The following:

  • Jigs need to have a solid structure, ensure quality, and be convenient for fixing products in the production process.
  • The structure of the Jigs is simple, easy to use, repair, replace and combine with other product lines.
  • The structure has high strength, long service life and withstands the effects of cutting forces, without damage during use.
  • Safe for users and operations.
  • Design  has high aesthetics.

IDEA Group is a unit specializing in supplying, manufacturing and designing all kinds of jigs according to customers’ requirements. With a team of experienced staff, modern machinery ensures the best product quality during use. To learn more products or need more information, please contact us immediately for support.

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