Basic information and business information

After leaving Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, I decided to study abroad in Japan. After returning from Japan, I started business with five people in 2010 and we stared with CAD-related businesses that specializing in the Japanese market. We receive design support, 3D modeling, drawing related work. With continuous effort and serious investment in research and human resource, we are then capable of performing mechanical and electrical design and programming for Japanese and American customers. Currently, we are also involved in design, manufacturing equipment, and providing high-tech products.

Our business partners are 99% Japanese and American companies. After 10 years of operation, we have more than 150 customers. We have trained 252 designer engineers, CAD technicians out of 340 employees, who have contributed a lot to Japanese, American and FDI companies. In addition, there are 32 designer of our company who are studying Japan to support design for customers while learning to improve their professional competence.

IDEA Group is considered as a Vietnamese technology company pioneering in challenging highly demanding markets like Japan. Our engineers and experts are those who have studied in Japan or graduated from the Technical University. Young people who are always serious working and very enthusiastic in research. Not only support but also knowledge of Japanese machinery and standards, using Japanese JIS manual to design for customers.

Currently, we can support a lot of different customers, after 10 years of operation we not only contributed greatly to Japanese, American, Thai and Vietnamese markets but also achieved high credibility. In the future, we will build an ecosystem where we can and will continue to participate as a long-term partner with domestic and foreign customers.

By using IDEA’s services, our customers can focus on bussiness activities, create high value-added products and entrust the desgin and production to an outside company. From that, improve eficiency, reduce cost and increase profit. Some customers have passed economic shocks and the shortage of design staff, some companies have achieved record sales.

With the development of the Internet, we are in an era where we can work online with foreign countries. If you are looking for a partner to outsource or develop abroad, please contact our company.

I am confident that you will be very satisfied.

Features of our company
1. 99% of customers are Japan and US.
2. Crowded design staff with 252 employees.
3. As a leading of design company in Vietnam.
4. The average young age, active, average age of 26.
5. Serious and enthusiastic research, design enthusiasts.
6. Ability in design, process and manufacture complete products.
7. Attach importance to 5S and KAIZEN, creating a creative and professional environment.

I. Basic principles
+ Contact and report to partners, customers promptly.
+ Respond quickly, handle quickly and accurately requests.
+ Follow the principle of goodwill and honesty and mutual respect.

II. Philosophy in business
+ Respect the interests of customers and partners.
+ Put the satisfaction and trust of customers and partners first.
+ Contributing to the development of society in the spirit of collectivism and national spirit.

III. Quality – Policy
+ Provide high quality / low price / delivery service.
+ Provide all human strength, physical strength and financial strength to please customers.
+ Implementing continuous and effective improvement activities to improve efficiency and quality.
+ Aims to give customers a different and attractive impression with creative and innovative ideas.


IDEA Technology Group
Representive of the group