Technical services and maintenance

Field of activity trade and services:

Sales of AGV Robot IoT products

Import and export activities and e-commerce

Business, commercialization of technical products, FA

Warranty service, technical maintenance of equipment, production line

Training engineers to design machines, electricity and supply human resources

Building internal management system, digitization, ISO, 5S, KAIZEN

We trade and commercialize technological products such as: AGV self-propelled vehicles, Robots, mechanical details, vending machines, and automation machines researched and manufactured by IDEA Group. In addition, we also supply mechanical components, FA equipment of Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese firms such as Mitsubishi, Nachi, Panasonic, Yasukawa…. Components such as bearings, gearboxes, robots, PLCs, etc. motors, sensors….

Robot, AGV, IoT

We operate import and export activities with the markets of Japan, USA, Korea. Importing components and materials for production activities. Supplying for the field of machining and manufacturing, and exporting components, products and equipment manufactured by IDEA Group itself. We can support import and export operations for SME businesses, if you are having difficulties.

With highly technical, well-trained, experienced human resources. IDEA Group can assist in setting up new production lines, assisting in operation and maintenance, repair and operation assurance. your customer’s production. The covid epidemic makes it difficult to import machines from abroad into Vietnam, as well as the movement of technical experts, in the current complicated epidemic situation, we play an important role for companies, group with the advantage of being a local business.

IDEA Group has many years of experience in training human resources for machine design and electrical design with more than 1,000 well-trained engineers and technicians. With the strength of many years of designing for the Japanese, American and FDI markets. We can provide practical training (OJT) on the projects that we have been doing for Japanese and FDI companies. . We have been entrusted to train key design personnel for a number of Japanese companies. We have also been supplying and introducing more than 40 design engineers to Japanese customers.

In addition, we not only provide the internal management system for 7 member companies in IDEA Group. But also support SME businesses in setting up and starting a business. We have experience in business SETUP, can advise and support for methodical operation, apply a part of 5S culture, KAIZEN and Japanese-style business operation skills.

Import / export business
AGV, Robot, IoTAGV, Robot, IoT
Training of design engineers
AGV, Robot, IoTAGV, Robot, IoT
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Trade and services
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