Plastic mold design support

Plastic mold design support:

Support design, industrial design.

3D printing, mold making and plastic injection, supplying to customers.

Build 3D Solid data, cloud data and STL data.

3D scanning from real objects, actual measurement services, creating drawings according to customer standards.

In this field, we do not have many strengths, we only focus on supporting design such as drawings extraction, building 3D models for Japanese customers.

If you need, we can use the service of a partner or we will introduce them to you for direct transactions.

Our partners have the following capabilities:

The design plan is suitable for the customer’s budget and CNC machining capacity. Design a complete 3D set of molds, create detailed machining drawings and electrodes.

With a professional and experienced mold design team, our partners always satisfying demanding customers with a suitable process:

– Design mold according to Mold Base standard (Futaba).

– Insert removable contains the product section.

– Suitable and durable mold structure for each type of product.

– Design of water line for cooling, runner.

– Advise customers on mold material and product number on mold.

There are many types of molds: plastic, hardware, ceramic, casting molds,… Nowadays, in modern industry, molds play a very important role in life, national defense equipment, industrial production,… molds exist in many fields.


Product development processProduct development, 3D printing
Product development, 3D printing
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3D printing, 3D scan3D printing, 3D scan
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R&D of Robot productsR&D of Robot products, drone
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3D printing, 3D scan3D printing, 3D scan
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Support mold design, drawings.Mold production support
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Plastic mold design supportPlastic mold design support
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