Mechanical design services

Outsourcing drawing design
We provide outsourcing drawing design services for the Japanese and American markets.

Includes the following services:
1. Digitize and dataize drawings
2. Build 3D models from 2D, paper drawings
3. Design part drawings from assembly drawings
4. Edit and update the machine design
5. Design, support design layout, ideas
6. Drawing design services

Our features:
① 90% of our clients are Japanese and American companies.
② A leading company in machine design in Vietnam with 252 designers.
③ Young and active staff, average age of 26, Serious and enthusiastic in research and design.
④ Has a high rate of internal production from design, machining, welding, painting to assembly.
⑤ High quality, competitive price, strict punctual delivery, emphasize the importance to security, 5S and KAIZEN.

Clients can order according to the hourly quote or can hire our engineers for a fixed monthly fee.
After more than 12 years of operation, with a team of engineers and design technicians of over 200 people, the majority of them have university degrees from technical universities, or have been trained abroad.

As a top company in Vietnam in terms of design, especially can serve the Japanese market with capacity, professionalism, compliance with quality, time committed to over 250 clients from Japan, US. With high quality service and low price less than ½ compared to Japan or the United States, we bring trust and satisfaction to all of our clients.

We can make a free sample so that you can evaluate our capacity, design service quality, and design service support. We can use English or Japanese in communication. Please contact us whenever you need to digitize drawing data, build 3D models from 2D, paper drawings, design part drawings from assembly drawings, edit, update design, machine design, layout design support, ideas. We can solve the problem of cost and shortage of CAD design engineers for your company.

Drawing design services:

Outsourced drawing design services japan
Parts drawing creationMechanical design service
Outsourced drawing design servicesOutsourced drawing design services
Make assembly drawings3D modeling
Make assembly drawingsdrawing design services 3D modeling
Detailed designDetailed design
Outsourced drawing design servicesOutsourced drawing design services
3D design support3D concept design support
Robots automated systemsJig design and production
3D design support serviceReverse engineering bidding service