Company History

 January 2003The founder studied abroad in Japan and returned to Vietnam
Work for CAD / CAM / design companies
Connection between Japanese and Vietnamese businesses
  January 2006Co-founder
Establish Japanese companies in Vietnam
Start with getting CAD drawing, building 3D models
  May 2010Establish IDEA Technology Co., Ltd. with 5 employees
Start with mechanical design support drawings for Japan
Expand in trace, 3D model, outsourcing support for Japanese companies
 July 2011Relocate office to expand
Develop mechanical design business for Japan
Trace, 3D models, drawings, support design
  May 2012Train 22 designers and increase the number of staff
Contribute 15% of capital to invest in VIJA company
Outsourcing contract with Japanese companies and foreign companies
 December 2013Establish ITTC company
Architectural and construction drawings
Support for trade, import, export and production, increase the number of staff to 30
  January 2014Orders from Japan increased and expanded
Staff increased from 31 to 98, expanded office from 90m2 to 300m2
Support the machine design, part separation, design, production in general.
  January 2015Expand the office to 450m2 and increase the staff to 131 people
Expand in creating CAM data, designing plastic molds, analyze CAE
Expand in parts processing, mold manufacturing, equipment manufacturing.
  April 2015Expand the office and increase the number of employees
Increase full-time employee contracts with Japanese clients
Organize a department to support the design at the Japanese companies
  July 2015Establish ITDC automation company
Electric drawings, electrical control design, wiring, maintenance
Production, automation equipment, research and product development
  January 2016Establish ITSC Company
Design, and expand R&D, Robot and AGV activities
Train and provide design resources to the Japanese market
  January 2017Establish of ITMC Company
Equipment manufacturing (machining/assembly/commissioning)
Construction of specialized room QA, American market development
  March 2020Implement the construction of IDEA Group building
Establish of high technology development center IDEA
Prepare to build a design engineer training center at Saigon Hi-tech Park
  January 2021Rent an area of 2,700m2 at Linh Trung 1 Export Processing Zone
Integrated production system with general affairs, design development, mechanical part machining and assembly.
  January 2023Re-structure, merge 4 subsidiaries to parent company (IDEA TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION JSC)
Entrusted with mechanical electrical drawing design, mechanical machining, equipment manufacturing and trade market development