Introduction of CAD design and drafting outsourcing services

1. Trace electronic contract
2. 3D modeling contract
3. Drafting facilities
4. Custom assembly drawing
5. Drafting of sheet metal and plant
6. Support for product design
7. Sakai Resin Mold Design Contract
8. Support for simulation and analysis
9. CAM data creation contract
10. CAD introduction staffing
11.Entrusted machine parts processing
12. Production equipment production contract
13. Electrical design drafting support
14. Control software R & D
15. Industrial robot research

About workers
Our staff are young staff with experience in providing service to Japanese customers, not only drafting and tracing, but also engineers from Vietnam’s prestigious Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Normal Technical University, and engineers who are familiar with machinery and equipment Uses Japanese catalogs and JIS to support design work for Japanese customers at low prices, quick delivery, and high quality. Our staff is based on a minimum of 3 types of CAD software, and there is a staff that can handle up to 5 types of software.
We specialize in various FA, automatic machines, conveyor equipment, precision automatic machines, labor-saving machines, industrial machines, food machines, and robot system fields, but we also support various other fields. We are good at 3D modeling and parts drawing. There are about 252 design and drafting employees, and it is a group capable of mass production and quick delivery.

Our strengths
1. Strict adherence to quality and delivery time
2. Low cost (half price in Japan)
3. Available in both Japanese and English
4. Enthusiastic and young workers / engineers
5. Graduated from university, mostly mechanical and electrical
6. Good at modeling and parts variation
7. Short-term work with many people
8. Not only design but also machining assembly wiring is possible
9. Strict confidential information management and security

CAD software used
Workers can handle various types of CAD software.
We are good at Autocad, Inventor, SolidWorks, and Icad.
Please feel free to consult us as other software may be available.

Transaction start flow
Samples will be created free of charge, cost and quality will be verified, and the transaction will start after a non-disclosure agreement or transaction agreement. Register new customer basic information and open a dedicated window. The contact person can be in Japanese or English.
You can rest assured that there is a Japanese sales representative. Please contact us for details.

Request for quotation / order / delivery
1. Receiving drawings and materials for quotation
2. Sending an estimate
3. Get in touch with the confirmation of the estimate
4. Sending a purchase order
5. Receiving work data
6. Work start, inspection
7. Delivery
8. Inspection
9. Correct any deficiencies

Data exchange method
1. Mail
2. FTP server
3. Skype
4. Mail
5. Home file service

keep a secret
We conclude a confidentiality agreement and pay close attention to our in-house system.
You can rest assured that the facilities and employee training are well managed.
Please contact us for details.

Contract price and quality
The cost is about 1/2 of the Japanese market.
The unit price is 950 yen to 1950 / H.
The quality is strictly checked and managed carefully. The defect rate is low.
Please rest assured that we have received many requests from Japanese companies and have produced reliable results.

Exclusive employee contract system
Our employees can be contracted as your exclusive workers. It is a system that does not do any other company’s work.
With stable human resources and stable quality, the fixed cost of around 160-190,000 yen will contribute to eliminating customer shortages.
In Vietnam, the average working hours are 175 hours / month and the holidays are only 12 days a year, so the benefits are great and the production efficiency is good.
Currently, 3 to 15 people have exclusive contracts with Japan and are using many Japanese companies. Once you get used to the drawing rules and specifications, you can use them in the same way as your employees.
In addition to commissioning, we also set up and manage a design unit for your company (exclusive contract). You can create a system like your own design employees like your company. Please contact us for details.

Dispatching our employees to Japanese customers and supporting business
It is also possible to send engineers from Japan to Japan when business is busy or when there are not enough people.
So far 47 people have been dispatched to Japan. You can send designers who can disassemble parts, and learn the design level up and Japanese while supporting the business of suppliers.
Currently, our engineers are 26 people in Japan. After returning to Japan, we are working to develop both companies by becoming exclusive designers and contact persons with the training partners.

Choose the right plan for your consultation
Depending on the customer’s request, we can customize the form of hourly charge, monthly operating hours contract or worker exclusive contract, and provide the optimal plan with the best effect and cost performance.

payment method
There is no need for a deposit, and payment will be made the next month at the end of the month after delivery.
You will be transferred to our Vietnamese local account or Japan account.
Please contact us if you want other payment terms.

Main business partners
100% Japanese company, major company, listed company, SME
Machine design contractors, production equipment manufacturers, automobile production equipment manufacturers, medical equipment manufacturers, plant companies, steel materials manufacturers, semiconductor companies, home appliance manufacturers, sheet metal and hardware companies, Currently, there are more than 135 Japanese trading companies such as construction and civil engineering companies. Customers who are planning to improve design, drafting and tracing, increase speed, and reduce costs overseas are encouraged to use our company.
Please rest assured that there are partner companies in Japan. In addition, since you can directly deal with us, please contact us if you wish.
Please feel free to make an estimate or make a sample for free