Synthesis of practical solutions using automated guided vehicles (AGVs)

1.  Difficulties

  • The distance from the aluminum casting area to the finished product area is very far.
  • The workshop area is limited, equipment such as conveyors cannot be installed.

Solution: use AGV self-propelled vehicle to transport products from aluminum casting area.

2. Difficulties

  • All processes include transportation, so the number of workers involved in such transportation is high.
  • A large company has many separate factories, the processes are not seamless, there is no information exchange between them.

Solution: Use a system that includes many AGVs involved in the transportation.

3. Difficulties

  • The production lines change constantly.
  • The aisle area in the warehouse is small, not suitable for using forklifts.

Solution: Integrate AGV into an automated system to save space, use AGV with SLAM method to be able to change the production line constantly.

4. Difficulties

  • The workers take a lot of time to move and transport goods in the warehouse.
  • Some products need to be transported from the top, which is difficult to pick up and transport.

Solution: Improve, shorten the time to transport goods in the factory.


5. Difficulties

  • Products that are too heavy to be placed on pallets, require the use of specialized forklifts.
  • Pallets in the factory are left disordered.

Solution: Use a pallet transporting AGV with a large load that can carry heavy goods.

6. Difficulties

  • Employ a large number of workers in the material feeding areas at the conveyor.
  • Labor costs increase.

Solution: Use AGV to provide raw materials for production.

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