Material designation according to Japanese standards

It is great to write every day, to share articles about knowledge and experience in the mechanical industry that I have drawn from the actual working process, refine each article to share with the community. Today I will bring to you an article about material symbols according to Japanese standards.

The mechanical industry in Vietnam has a great influence from the mechanical background of Japan. From machinery imported from Japan to Vietnam, to many Japanese companies operating in Vietnam, or interns working in Japan, even processing orders from Japan to Vietnam. Therefore, it is very important to read and understand the standard Japanese material symbols.

Japan only uses one standard  JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards), with the feature of using the international metric system entirely, namely the stress according to MPa. All steels are marked with the letter S.

1. Signs of steel types:

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– Ordinary steel: for example, symbol S S 400

  • The first letter S is Steel (steel)
  • The second S is Structure (ordinary cold rolled steel)
  • 400 is the lowest tensile strength 400 N/mm2.

– Common rolled steel:

  • Symbolized by a number indicating the lowest tensile or yield strength (depending on the type).
  • SS – rolled steel usually has a common effect.
  • SM – rolled steel for welded structure.
  • If the word  A  is added, it is SMA – steel that resists corrosion in the atmosphere.
  • SB – steel plate for boiler.

– Carbon steel for making machines:

SxxC or SxxCK where xx indicates the average part per thousand carbon (the K at the end is high quality: the amount of P, S is not more than 0.025%).

For example: S 45 CH , the first S is still Steel, 45 is 0.45% carbon content, C is Carbon,  The letter at the end has several types:- A: Unrolled steel (k with surface treatment). face )- N: Hardened steel (k has a stress-reducing tempering process)- H: tempered and  ram to reduce stress

  • S:Standard Rolled Steel
  • K: High grade steel

– Alloy steel for machine building: including alphanumeric system:

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  • Starting with SCr – Cr steel, SMn – Manganese steel, SNC – nickel-chromium steel, SNCM – nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel, SCM – chromium-molybdenum steel, SACM – aluminum-chromium-molybdenum steel, SMnC – manganese steel- chromium.
  • This is followed by three digits, where the last two represent the average parts per thousand carbon.
  • For example: S CM 4 15 : S is still Steel, CM speaks of the main component. CM is Chromium Molybdenum, Nc is Nickel Chromium, 4 is the base alloy number , 15 is 0.15% carbon content.

– Tool steel: Start with SK and ordinal number:

  • SKx – carbon tool steel SKHx – wind steel.
  • KSx – steel for cutting tools and cold stamping dies.
  • SKD and SKT – steel for hot stamping, pressure casting.

For example: S KD 11 : S is Steel, KD is about alloy type. K is Kougu carbon tool steel, KH is high speed tool steel, KS is alloy tool steel, KD is Alloy tool steel mainly used for punching dies.

– Easy to cut steel:

  • Marked by SUM, elastomer SUP, bearing steel SUJ and serial number.

– Stainless Steel:

  • Marked with  SUS  and the number followed by the AISI number, heat resistant steel is designated SUH.
  • For example S US 430 P : S is Steel, US is Use-Stainless stainless steel, 430 refers to steel composition or structure.

2.Sign of gang

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  • Gray cast iron: denoted by  FCxxx.
  • Spherical cast iron  is denoted by  FCDxxx.
  • Black core ductile iron is denoted by   FCMBxxx.
  • White core cast iron  is denoted by  FCMWxxx, peclit – FCMPxxx, xxx numbers are limited to durability.

3. Aluminum symbol

– Example A 2017 P

  • A is Aluminum
  • 2017 is about aluminum alloy composition
  • 1XXX: 99.0% pure aluminum
  • 2XXX: Al-Cu-Mg . Alloy
  • 3XXX: Al-Mn . Alloy
  • 4XXX: Al-Si . Conclave
  • 5XXX: Al-Mg . Alloy
  • 6XXX: Al-Mg-Si . Alloy
  • 7XXX: Al-Zn-Mg . Alloy
  • 8xxx: In addition to the above components.

– Alloys of aluminum with the symbol AA.

4. Bronze sign

– Example: C 1020 BD

  • C is cupper ie copper
  • The next series of numbers divides the stainless steel type:
  • 1xxx: Line containing high copper content (can be considered as pure copper)
  • 2xxx: Cu-Zn alloy
  • 3xxx: Cu-Zn-Pb . Alloy
  • 4xxx Cu-Zn-Sn . Alloy
  • 5xxx: Cu-sn/Cu-Sn-Pb . alloy
  • 6xxx: Cu-Al . alloy
  • 7xxx: Cu-Ni/Cu-Ni-Zn alloy.

– Alloys of copper are CC.

5. Plastic symbol

  • ABS: Acrylonnitrile / Butadiene Styrene
  • AS: Styrene Acrylonitrile
  • PA6: Poly Amide6
  • PC: Poly Carbonate
  • PE: Poly Ethylene
  • PET: Poly Ethylene terephthalate
  • PF: Phenol Formaldehyde
  • POM: Poly Xoy Methylene
  • PP: Poly Propylene
  • PS: Poly Styrene
  • PU/PUR: Poly Urethane.

Above is an overview of material symbols according to Japanese standards. Hope through my article you will know more about material symbols according to Japanese standards, and apply well in business work. Japanese .