Japan is testing the use of 5G network technology for remote surgical robots

A research team from Kobe University (Japan) has begun testing the use of 5G high-speed mobile network technology to conduct remote surgery through the Hinotori robot made in this country.

Chú thích ảnh
Hinotori robots are used to perform complex surgeries. Photo: nippon.com

Although Hinotori has been successful in surgery for cancer patients in the past, doctors still need to be present in the operating room to perform operations. However, in this test, Japanese scientists succeeded in using 5G technology of communication company NTT Docomo to conduct remote dissection of the patient’s abdominal wall vascular simulator.

On April 16, the research team said that during the test, there was no delay in image transmission on the real-time line as well as the robot’s operation delay compared to the specified one. In the coming time, similar tests will be conducted many times to solve remaining problems such as the ability to change image transmission speed, information security.

According to Kobe University President Fujisawa Masato, the initial goal of this trial is to help skilled doctors to remotely support doctors who are operating on patients when they encounter situations. unexpected out of control. In the next phase, the team will conduct animal trials, then move to clinical trials in humans.

Until now, information transmission methods have been able to ensure stable transmission between broadcasting stations. However, the quality of the connection between broadcasting stations and hospitals in

Japan is uneven, and building a dedicated transmission line is too expensive. The application of 5G network is being widely deployed, which is a more practical and effective solution to realize the trend of remote medical examination and treatment in the future.

Duc Thinh (TTXVN)