IDEA Group and science and technology enterprises signed a cooperation agreement with the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City on scientific research and technology transfer.

On November 10, at the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City, the signing ceremony of cooperation between IUH and 2 research institutes and 8 enterprises on scientific research and technology transfer.

The signing of cooperation agreement between IUH and institutes and enterprises aims to facilitate scientific research work of IUH students and lecturers associated with practice, scientific research activities and technology transfer to be enhanced day by day. and effective. At the same time, many scientific research results of the University were transferred to production enterprises and research institutes. In addition, in order to serve well the training of human resources for the socio-economic development of the southern provinces in particular and the whole country in general of IUH.

According to the memorandum of cooperation between IUH and its partners, the parties will take advantage of the facilities and human resources of the school and the enterprise to create products for the society.

Specifically, IUH trains high-quality human resources suitable for the recruitment industry of enterprises. Businesses do not need to invest deeply, but only need to place an order. School students have internship locations.

In particular, the parties will research and develop new products and transfer technology, on the basis of taking advantage of the strengths of IUH’s lecturers, machinery and equipment and the market strengths of enterprises to conduct joint research. create new products under the common brand of both parties

At the signing ceremony, research institutes and enterprises hope to have long-term cooperation with IUH in human resource training, scientific research and technology transfer into practice. At the same time, we are committed to recruiting and creating the best conditions for our students to practice and work at enterprises.

This cooperation also aims to take advantage of the funding and scientific and technological forces of the two sides. Enterprises do not need or reduce the product research force and laboratory at the enterprise. In addition, research institutes and enterprises are ready to receive and create conditions for IUH students to practice and work after graduation.

Professor Dr. Le Van Tan signed a contract with CEO Do Hoang Trung (IDEA Group)

According to Professor Le Van Tan, Vice President of IUH, the signing of cooperation agreements between research institutes and enterprises is one of the steps to realize IUH’s strategic goals in human resource training. High quality, practical and effective value creation from scientific research and technology transfer activities.

“After this cooperation signing ceremony, the University is committed to promoting the implementation in order to make a positive contribution to scientific research associated with practice, bringing benefits to the parties involved. IUH believes that these MOUs will be successfully implemented” – IUH Vice Rector affirmed.

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