3 benefits can be obtained by implementing AGV

AGV – abbreviation for Automatic Guided Vehicle, is a convenient device that can automatically run along the magnetic guide tape. This time let’s introduce some examples of AGV, Robot and consider the benefits of putting it into practice.

factory using robots (Illustration)

AGVs have been used in factories for a long time, as they are active in Amazon’s large-scale warehouses. However, it seems that there are still few places where they are being used.

Would you like to know the merits of AGV and use it for your next business development?

This time, we will post examples of robot introduction.

Amazon factory use agv (Illustration)

(1) Main contents of introduction

[Introduction contents]

  • Robotization of harsh labor such as sorting and loading products on pallets to shipping carts
  • Realization of system implementation according to the scale of the site by networking robot units

[Company information]

  • Large companies
  • Service industry (logistics)

[Implementation process information]

  • Shipping process/transport process (visual inspection, handling, palletizing)
  • Quality improvement and labor saving

(2) Before implementation (issues at production facilities)

The end user this time was running a warehouse business. In general, the warehousing business deals with the products of customers, so there is a problem of handling a wide variety of products.

Inventory lots and shipping and receiving timings differ from customer to customer, and this irregularity has hindered the introduction of robots.

In addition, in the past, even if large-scale capital investment was made, large robots for manufacturing were often diverted and space efficiency has deteriorated. This is one of the reasons why the implementation of robots has not progressed.

However, at the beginning, as the work situation of the end user, people were lifting and loading products one by one and transporting them or transporting dozens of cases in a cramped position. As a result, the workers suffered from back pain for a long time, and they were narrowed down to only strong men.

Người lao động đau lưng khi phải liên tục khuân vác hàng hóa (Hình minh họa)

(3) Implemetation of robot system

[Main implemented products]

  • Vertical articulated robot
  • AGV

This time, in order to make the system more compact, we have introduced a small single-function robot that air-sucks products one by one on a logistics pallet and transfers them onto carts for shipping.

In addition, a general palletizing system has the disadvantage of using a conveyor when making the system larger, but with the system being operated by AGVs, it has become “conveyorless”.

AGV is an unmanned guided vehicle and since it is movable, it does not take up much space.

In addition, it is a robot that is attracting a lot of attention since it can transport heavy objects, which is difficult for humans.

Carts loaded with products by vertical articulated robots are transported again by AGVs and headed to the destination – the truck bed.

Effects of automation

Since this project was not designed by our company, we cannot post the specific implementation cost, but the effects are as follows.

[Main effects]

  • Investment payback period: about 6.6 years
  • Productivity: about 4 times
  • Implementation department personnel: Reduced by 5 people
  • Effect: 10 million yen/year
  • Other effects: substituting for harsh work, widening the range of workers that can be employed.
  • The reference video is not the robot system of this project.


Robots are good at transporting heavy objects and routine movements (loads, etc.).

In the case of this expample, automation system using robots was a shortcut to improving productivity.

Productivity will temporarily improve due to changes in production methods and layouts.

However, there is a reality that efficiency can easily decline due to human factors, such as inconsistent work efficiency depending on the workers or lack of members due to job separation.

Why not consider automation as a drastic solution?

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